It takes many hands to protect our ocean…

and there are several ways to make a difference.

To take action for a clean and protected ocean, you can:

  • Do your own data cleanups! You will contribute to important research and have a direct impact on our waterways! Details on our cleanup page.
  • Volunteer for Rozalia Project’s expeditions, programs and events! We will help you get your hands dirty, sandy, salty and muddy for a clean ocean while learning about the problem, its solutions and having a great time. See our Get on Board page for details and current opportunities.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle. We know you’ve heard it before, but making less trash benefits the whole planet – less virgin materials needed to replace it, less space needed in landfills, less potential transfer of toxic chemicals into our food chain!
  • Be as conscious and consistent as you can, and know that every effort you make, does make a difference!

To support a clean and protected ocean, you can:

  • Support Rozalia Project with a financial or gear donation
  • Support Rozalia Project by buying and wearing our For a Clean Ocean bracelets , bags and t-shirts!
  • Shop through Amazon Smile and choose Rozalia Project as your target charity

While financial donations go a long way, it’s not all about money…

  • Sign petitions. Go to the Lend Your Voice page for current info
  • Send letters to people in decision-making positions. Go to Lend Your Voice for current info
  • Spread the word. Your likes, shares, posts and comments about our work amplify our message.
  • Tag away! This, too, helps amplify our message.
  • Keep in touch. Our newsletter will help you stay informed.
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