Let the deciders hear our voices

There are many ways to take action for a protected ocean. Donations that allow Rozalia Project to complete our work make a big difference but so does lending your voice to ours.

Some problems can be solved by a few decision makers and they need to hear from us, all of us, who want a protected, clean and thriving ocean.


How to lend your voice:

  • Keep an eye on this page. This (along with Facebook, our blog and Twitter) is where we will post links to petitions, letter and other events that give all of us an opportunity to be heard by the people who have the power to sign a bill into law or to put regulations on a whole industry.
  • Sign the petitions you find here.
  • Send letters to the people who make decisions in your municipality, in our federal government, at companies or organizations who have the power to change our planet for the good, or who we suggest based on our research and partners.

Ways to be heard now:


Roz_NF2048_Vert_Black2048 is the date when all wild fish species currently fished for food are predicted to collapse. Join Rozalia Project’s new campaign to stop overfishing. Learn about the campaign and how you can be involved:

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