For us to Thrive, We Need the Ocean to Thrive
For the Ocean to Thrive, We Need its Creatures to Thrive

The only way to say this, is straight up – no ocean, no life. We’re not talking about marine life, but human life. We NEED a clean, healthy and thriving ocean. And the only way to get that is to allow the ocean’s creatures to thrive.

Stop overfishing.

85% of the world’s fisheries have collapsed or are overexploited and on the verge of collapse. 2048 is the is the date when all wild fish species currently fished for food are predicted to collapse. We can all vote the ocean by being very choosy about what seafood you buy and eat. Best practices are to: buy domestic seafood and low on the food chain. Domestically farmed shellfish are a good, sustainable option in the US. Avoiding shrimp and large predators like blue fin tuna and swordfish will make a difference for a thriving ocean. Avoiding the purchase of pet food with fish meal, aiming to eat vegetarian-fed chicken, beef and pork and taking vegan alternatives to fish oil will also send a message that we will not stand for the over-exploitation of our oceans.

Ban ALL fishing on the high seas

There is incredibly compelling evidence that if we ban all fishing on the high seas (56% of the world’s ocean), we will see extraordinary long-term gains in the productivity of fish, not just in the high seas, defined as 200 miles offshore of land, but also within 200 miles (defined as a country’s Exclusive Economic Zone, or EEZ). Migratory fish, like tuna, need the opportunity to breed and grow. This solution allows for that – in myriad species for the good of the ocean, for the good of its creatures and for the good of all people.

Ban bottom trawling, period.

Rozalia Project supports sustainable fishing. We support small, family run boats that fish within ecosystem-set quotas using low-by catch methods. We do not support bottom trawling. This fishing technique is akin to bulldozing a forest. There is too much by-catch and too much wholesale destruction. Why dig up and shred your entire garden for one carrot?


How YOU can join Rozalia Project and help our oceans thrive:

  • Donate to Rozalia Project so that we are able to bring the beauty and environmental importance of a thriving ocean, as well as the clear cutting destruction that bottom trawling inflicts to public attention
  • Avoid eating fish that have been caught via bottom trawling and dragging – avoid bottom caught cod, haddock, halibut, flounder, sole, rockfish, scallops and shrimp. Ask your servers and grocers where their fish came from. Even better move to a plant-based diet!
  • Write NOAA and the New England Fisheries Management Council asking them to ban all bottom trawling within the EEZ
  • Write the UN asking them to ban all bottom trawling on the high seas
  • Follow us on any and all forms of social media and share our stories, videos, photos and your own thoughts on the importance of kelp, marine protected areas and the destructive effects of bottom trawling with your families, friends, colleagues, and your social media networks!
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