Marine Protected Areas Work – they should be no-take and enforced

There are places in our oceans that are of vital importance. They are nurseries for fish. They are feeding and breeding areas for whales, dolphins, sharks and sea turtles. They are hotbeds for invertebrates and places where kelp forests grow. In order for our ocean to thrive, we need these places to thrive. And the only way to do that is to protect them, completely as no-take zones. That means no fishing in an MPA.

No Fishing Here, Lots of Fish There

If we allow the most important places in the ocean to thrive and ban all fishing in these underwater national parks, we will be building fish populations for the future. We are taking a hard line against commercial, industrial-scale fishing – especially in protected areas.


How YOU can join Rozalia Project and help the Gulf of Maine’s protected areas and myriad species they support:

  • Donate to Rozalia Project so that we are able to bring the beauty and environmental importance of marine protected areas to public attention
  • Avoid eating fish that have been caught via bottom trawling and dragging – avoid trawled cod, haddock, halibut, flounder, sole, rockfish, scallops and shrimp. Ask your servers and grocers where their fish came from!
  • Write NOAA and the New England Fisheries Management Council asking them to preserve current protect areas and ban all bottom trawling within the EEZ
  • Write the UN asking them to make the high seas the world’s largest marine park and ban all bottom trawling on the high seas (200 miles offshore of every country)
  • Follow us on any and all forms of social media and share our stories, videos, photos and your own thoughts on the importance of marine protected areas and the importance of marine protected areas with your families, friends, colleagues, and your social media networks!
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