To protect the ocean, we need to be on the ocean

Rozalia Project achieves its mission through focused expeditions onboard American Promise. We use these 2-6 week-long expeditions to collect data, imagery and experience. We meet extraordinary people and work with myriad partners. Everything we do and learn, we bring to you through our blog, social media, Expedition Reports and presentations/education programs.

We have not set our expedition goals and dates for 2017. Stay tuned here, on Facebook, Instagram and our newsletter for announcements about 2017 expeditions.

Here were our expeditions for 2016:

Hudson River Expedition:

Rozalia Project’s Hudson River Expedition is a 1st of its kind research and education mission to go from the mountains to the sea; the headwaters to the continental shelf sampling the Hudson River’s whole water column: surface to sediment looking at microfiber pollution. We will investigate type, concentration and distribution of microfibers as well as relationships to population and parallels with the presence of microplastic. We will also deliver engaging and inspiring education and awareness programs to communities along the entire Hudson River Watershed and collect information and imagery for presentations and programs for people everywhere.

Hudson River Expedition’s goals:

  • Complete the first-ever plastic microfiber study of the entire Hudson River from the headwaters at Lake Tear of the Clouds to the continental shelf off NY Harbor.
  • Use those results to refine and deploy the solutions Rozalia Project is working on to prevent and address worldwide microfiber pollution.
  • Deliver engaging and inspirational education programs along the way – sharing results, experiences and actions people can take to be part of the solution.
  • Generate substantial attention in traditional, digital and social media about the problem and what Rozalia Project and partners are doing to find and deploy solutions.

Dates: June 11 – July 8

Expedition STEM for the Ocean

Underwater robots, drones, 3D printers, whales, puffins, ocean trash, R&D, inspiration and the greenest sailing research vessel in the world. This is what drives Expedition STEM for the Ocean: a cleanup, education and innovation program delivered from American Promise, to inspire young boaters and coastal residents to be an active part of the solution to marine debris in the near term through this program and in the long term by entering science, technology, engineering and math fields with an ocean or environmental focus.

Expedition STEM for the Ocean’s goals:

  • Through the program, develop solutions to local marine debris problems that can also be shared in other areas.
  • To inspire behavior change in sailors and coastal residents of all ages through an engaging and unique marine debris, STEM and solutions program.
  • To inspire young people to consider careers in STEM for the ocean.

Dates: July 18 – August 5

People from any academic or professional background are welcome to apply to join us as volunteer crew. See the Volunteer Crew page for details.