A Record Breaking History

American Promise was designed by Ted Hood, made famous by Dodge Morgan’s solo round the world voyage, and then used as an offshore sail training vessel for the United States Naval Academy.

American Promise acts as the Rozalia Project’s mothership during our work addressing issues that affect ocean health in New England’s coastal waters.

American Promise gives the Rozalia Project the ability to operate far from shore for extended periods of time. One of the biggest benefits of AP is the ability to have guests and interns join us on our missions and work side by side with scientists to further ocean health through action and research.

American Promise is packed full of ocean-protecting technology: she has 2 VideoRay ROV’s (remotely operated vehicles) capable of diving down to 1000ft, equipped with a Blueview imaging sonar, manipulator arm, Tritech’s Starfish sidescan sonar for imaging the ocean floor, KCF Smart Tether for positioning underwater, and a Lynn box for making fuzzy video images sharp, plus two neuston nets for surface tows, several dip nets, a Ponar sediment grab, an electronic microscope, and plenty of workspace.

In terms of living, American Promise has 9 berths, plenty of storage, a very well equipped galley, head with holding tank, a lovely shower, and space for working as well as relaxing.

The Greenest Sailing Research Vessel in the World

We are working toward making American Promise the greenest sailing research vessel in the world – by using technology and techniques that are replicable and accessible to sailors and boaters everywhere. A recent improvement was to reduce both fuel and water. We removed the powered water system and hot water tank. Both required power to operate and we needed an average of 1.5 hours with the generator on to get the somewhat large hot water tank to an acceptable temperature. Now, all of our faucets and shower are operated by foot pumps and we are enjoying hot showers on demand: 1 full kettle of boiling water from the stove, plus cold water to fill a gallon jug and we are warm and clean without using a drop of diesel!

In 2014, thanks to the Maine Clean Marine Diesel Program, Maine Marine Trades Association, 11th Hour Racing, Kilroy Realty Corporation and Maine Yacht Center we installed a state of the art Steyr Tier 3 marine diesel. It is very efficient, quiet, low vibration and has the lowest emissions of any diesel made today. Check out our video below.

In 2015, thanks to a grant from 11th Hour racing, help from DuoGen and work by the Maine Yacht Center, we are launching with solar, wind and hydro power to charge our housebank working toward getting rid of our diesel generator completely! Stay tuned for updates, photos and videos about this exciting upgrade that will further lighten our operational footprint on American Promise!

UPDATE: As of the end of 2016, we have sailed over 2 full expedition seasons without using the generator or plugging into shore power. 100% of our energy has come from a combination of solar, wind and hydro power or from the alternator while motoring between sails!


The boat is equipped with more than the minimum amount of safety gear, including immersion suits, liferaft, EPIRB, multiple sets of lifejackets with harnesses, plus a dinghy to get ashore, electronic radar reflector (makes us nice and big on other ships’ radar), multiple VHF radios, AIS (both transmitting and receiving), a satellite phone, and a suite of navigation equipment.

Since she was designed to sail around the world in record time, American Promise sails beautifully. She can be handled by those new to sailing and enjoyed by veteran sailors.

Interested in joining us onboard American Promise as an intern or crew? Check out our internships page or contact us.

American Promise at the mooring and ready for action.

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