Rozalia Project protects our ocean.

Through our expeditions onboard the 60′ sailing research vessel, American Promise, Rozalia Project protects and cleans the ocean using technology, innovation, solutions-based research and engaging STEM programs.

Our guiding principles:

Rozalia Project believes that the ocean is a vital, thriving shared resource that needs protecting. We do not believe that commercial fishing is sustainable. We support a total ban on fishing on the high seas (outside exclusive economic zones (EEZ), up to 200 miles offshore) in order to allow migrating species to breed and grow. We support enforced marine protected areas within the EEZs to protect both habitat and our marine creatures of all sizes and those marine protected areas should be no-take zones closed to all forms of fishing, especially commercial fishing. We believe that bottom trawling is not a viable technique to catch fish and should be banned in all oceans.

Rozalia Project believes that we should be focusing our efforts concerning the problem of marine debris in our urban and coastal waters, especially where there is urban sprawl and from the surface to the seafloor. This is the primary source and the place where we should address prevention, cleanup and education. We believe that we can clean the ocean and that it will take innovation and action from individuals, cities and organizations. We believe that every effort counts from picking up 2 pieces of trash on a morning beach with your dog to being part of a community-wide cleanup that fills a dumpster in one morning!

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